How to copy required node modules to target dir with gulp?

One of the common tasks related to node.js development is building production ready package. Sometimes you just need to clean and install production only scripts but sometimes you need something more complicated like preparing files for electron package. And one of important part is to copy correct node modules to target locations. By correct node … Continue reading How to copy required node modules to target dir with gulp?

Node.js C/C++ module is actually simple

Node.js is one of most unexpected technology for me JavaScript on server side was unbelievable thing for me 5 years ago. And to be honest JavaScript was not very straight forward technology with main goal to handle HTML/CSS based UI. But now we have several successful Node.js projects in Tesseris Pro and is seems like … Continue reading Node.js C/C++ module is actually simple

Some python fun for presentations

The post contains ultimate off-topic, so source code is here 🙂 : Except managing managing my company Tesseris Pro and working as a developer I am working with student in one of Kharkiv university. That is a good way to find young talents and prepare them to work in our company. So I am … Continue reading Some python fun for presentations

Hello World in Visual Studio Code on Linux

This post adds a sample as addition to my post about VS Code previous post Setup Install latest mono as described at Install Visual Studio Code from Just unpack and start. Simple Scenario (no debug and no IntelliSense) Code ./program.cs Project configuration For simple applications without debug support you can skip creation of … Continue reading Hello World in Visual Studio Code on Linux

Visual Studio Code on Linux

Microsoft declares that new version of .Net and new alternative dev tool Visual Studio Code will be available for multiple platforms, including Linux. In this post I will try to describe my Visual Studio Code usage experience. I will not describe .Net Code or DNX or Mono in details and focus on Visual Studio. I … Continue reading Visual Studio Code on Linux

DNX, .Net Core, ASP.Net vNext, who is who?

I'm writing this blog after we have done several projects (some of them were commercial, some internal) with these technologies at Tesseris Pro and discovered a lot of things that are not covered by documentation. Let's try to understand the place of every project on the global picture Many of us already know about new version … Continue reading DNX, .Net Core, ASP.Net vNext, who is who?

Editing code dirrectly in browser (WebKit)

May be some people already know this feature, but I was discovered it only today. A lot of JS debugging bring some benefits and today I found possibility to edit code and save it on disk with Google Chrome (or any other WebKit based browser). Hope this will simplify some debugging tasks for you. See … Continue reading Editing code dirrectly in browser (WebKit)

JavaScript and different ***Script

Today I'll just share my opinion so, no useful information bellow 🙂 There are a lot of discussions around TypeScript, CoffeeScript and other languages translated to JS. Let me add several words to this "holly war":) I was codding for a couple of months with TypeScript. It was complex UI with Knockout.js and Durandal. Yesterday … Continue reading JavaScript and different ***Script